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International business is an exciting venture and of strategic importance to many companies. Arch Legal Management B.V. adds a layer of business outcome focused legal management to your management team to support the achievement of your goals.

Consider for example the following scenarios:

“We face an exceptional challenge in international business, and want to be sure that we consider the legal aspects.”

“The company is involved in complex litigation in five countries. The workload is very variable, but a lot is at stake here.”

We expanded internationally, and had project work streams for all important areas – except legal. We would like to avoid expensive surprises in future.

“Last year, we spent a considerable amount on legal advice. We would like to consider ways to reduce these costs.”

“In our company we standardise processes to increase efficiency, but we still deal with legal matters case-by-case and reactively.”

“As management team we are very experienced in running our business, but it is possible that we accept certain legal risks without considering them.”